Lentinula Edodes

  • Immune Support
  • Stress Relief

Active Constituents +

Beta (1>3),(1>6)-glucans; eritadinine

Therapeutic Notes +

Shiitake is a delicious edible mushroom that can also be used as a medicinal. The fruiting bodies of this mushroom contain polysaccharides, specifically a type called beta-glucans, which have been studied to support immune health and overall wellness, as well as normal, healthy cell growth and turnover. Since the 1970s, the Japanese Mushroom industry has supported extensive research into the nutritional and immunosupportive properties of Shiitake.Although shiitake mushrooms should not be used as a sole substitute for proper medical regimens or procedures, a growing consensus indicates that these mushrooms, in their capacity as immune-system boosters, can be used as supplemental aids to other treatments and can enhance a patient’s well-being.

‘Let food be thy medicine and
medicine be thy food’