‘A contemporary approach to wellbeing and beauty means finding art in the everyday rituals that form the foundation of our health.’

Alex Post Sophia Hanover, Amodern Alchemy Founders

This may sound controversial for a supplement brand, but there isn’t a supplement or beauty product — on it’s own — that will change your wellbeing from a holistic perspective. This is why we advocate for building healthy and mindful rituals into your everyday — seeing our products as one part of a holistic habit system. For us, wellbeing is about finding art in the everyday ordinary practices we find ourselves engaging with. We encourage thinking about the systems we’re part of; which includes the impact of the products we use everyday, on ourselves, and the earth.

Our visual moniker describes wellbeing as an ever evolving process — over time. Harnessed through everyday rituals, and elevated via meticulous design, each approach to wellbeing is unique — we think of this as the ‘Art of Wellbeing.’⁠

Founded by Australian/American Designers Sophia Hanover & Alex Post, Amodern Alchemy seeks to offer a nuanced and practice driven approach to the beauty & wellness landscape. Guided by a respect for art, design, culture, beauty and the senses, and informed by our own design practice working with clients in the wellness industry we aim to rethink the way we all approach our daily habits.

Wellbeing is about more than ourselves and our bodies—it’s about the consideration of the systems we’re part of; the impact & ecosystem of the products we use everyday and the habits that inform them. It’s about the reconsideration of the way we create and do business. As a B Corporation we are driven to incorporate reciprocity into our business model, while continuing to innovate and create positive change for a more sustainable future. Direct action will always be one of the best form of support - we donate a fixed amount from each product sold to funds to conservation funds One Tree Planted and also work with a rotation of environmental and social funds on a product release basis.