Dossier Amodern Alchemy Superhuman Recipe - Bare Negroni
Dossier Amodern Alchemy Superhuman Recipe - Bare Negroni


‘Shiruku’: Meaning ‘silk’ in Japanese. Curated by Australian artist & ceramicist Shari Lowndes of Szilvassy.

A seducing journey of sultry jazztronica & melodic electronic designed to create an earthy, warm, aural space in your home.

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Running on a Rainy Day Paul White Shaker Notes 3:24, Detroit Part II Shigeto The New Monday 7:28, While You Dooooo (Extended) Teebs Collections 01 3:27, Sitting in Circles Paul White Shaker Notes 3:22, Mumma Don't Tell Leifur James A Louder Silence 5:08, Endless Portico Quartet Art in the Age of Automation 4:25, When U Go Girls of the Internet When U Go 6:58, Marilyn Mount Kimbie, Micachu Love What Survives 4:06, Chan Chara JAJA Tropical Bird Club 5:01, Hands of Time Kraak & Smaak, Alxndr London Juicy Fruit 5:44, Music on My Teeth DJ Koze, José González Knock Knock 4:16, Conditional Love Ménage à trois Australia, Pt. 1 4:49, Water Soaked In Forever Khotin Beautiful You 6:10, Invisible Threads Elsa Hewitt Invisible Threads 5:34, Surrender feat. Lcio Portable Surrender 5:04, Vayu Kora (CA) Fragile 7:06, Anya's Piano New Jackson From Night To Night 5:54, How Dare You St Germain St Germain 6:43, Priestess Pumarosa The Witch 7:30, 5 bit Blues Kid Koala 12 bit Blues 4:36, Angst Valentin Stip Angst 6:53, Lostfound Francis Harris Leland 7:34, Eyes Be Closed Washed Out Within and Without 4:47, Satori Smoke Trees Inhale 2:11, Auburn Epitaphs Mutual Benefit Love's Crushing Diamond (Deluxe Edition) 4:07, Wanna Be Your Man Prophet Wanna Be Your Man 3:52, Four NINZE & OKAXY Blurry Mind 7:03, On Solid Air New Jackson From Night To Night 5:35, A Kiss Goodbye Emile Haynie, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Sampha, Devonté Hynes We Fall 3:46, I'm On Fire Chromatics In The City 4:05, Temporal Buscabulla EP I 3:33, Sono Buscabulla EP I 2:17.